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Sinan Tektaş
New Features in Median UI v1.5 Theme
Median UI v1.5 is officially released on May 13, 2021

In addition to fixes and changes to the appearance of the template, in this update you also added several new features that might be useful for your blog.

New Widget

Notification Header

Please activate this feature via the Blogger layout, a new blog will appear at the top of the Header which contains text notifications to readers that can be collapsed.

You can put text ads here, we also add a link button that you can activate easily.

We realize that not everyone understands HTML, therefore we provide an alternative navigation menu that can be edited directly through the Blogger layout. The only drawback of this menu is that the icons are limited and cannot add a dropdown.

In the future we will try to experiment again to refine this widget.

Slider Widget

This widget is available in the old version 1.3, but because it is not perfect (there are still bugs) we decided to remove it in version 1.4.

Now this widget has been returned to version 1.5 with easier usage.

Profile Widget pop-up

If in previous versions this widget was in the sidebar, then in this update we moved it to the header section and added a pop-up menu. The concept is the same as the Profile box on the Google platform.

This widget will only appear on the home page and will be automatically removed from the AMP display (? Amp = 1)

Custom Post Pages

We also added 3 custom post pages which you can activate by simply using certain labels.

Labels that can be used to activate this page include: Fullpage , Sponsored , Product . When you use one of these labels, the appearance of the article on the home page also changes, including the Featured Post and Popular Posts widgets .

You can change the label name above to the label you want

New Post Styles

Several new post styles have also been added such as Grid image , Scroll image and others. We also rewrote all of the post style code. Please visit this page for a complete list.

Because we changed all classNames and IDs in all post styles, chances are that your article layout using the previous version (v1.4) style will look messy. We have our own reasons for this.

Blogger Comment Pop-ups

Now the comment pop-up feature is also present in the Median UI template with a simpler and improved appearance, you can also disable this feature easily, we have provided a guide for this.

This feature is disabled in AMP views (? Amp = 1), due to a problem with the comment iframe that cannot be loaded on the hidden element.

Disqus onScroll comments

Unlike the previously available Disqus comments, with this feature you no longer need to press a button to activate comments. Disqus comments will be automatically loaded when the user scrolls to the bottom of the post.

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