What is Linux

Sinan Tektaş

Friends, do you know that we use Linux almost daily in our daily life. Whether it is a mobile phone, smart watch or any other electronic item, Linux is present everywhere. So let's know what is Linux (What is Linux).

What is Linux?

Linux is a Unix-like operating system. It is an open source and free operating system. Anyone can use Linux at no charge. Linux is an open source operating system. This means that you can take its source code and customize it according to your own. The distribution of Linux is under the GNU GPL i.e. General Public License. 

Who created Linux?

However, a large community of developers is involved in developing Linux. Linux was first introduced by Linus Torvalds. That is why Linus Torvalds is also called the father of Linux. 

Linus Torvalds started Linux in 1991 when he was a University of Helsinki student. Linus Torvalds is currently a Finnish-American software engineer. 

Where is Linux used?

Linux is used in Computers, Mobile Devices, Mainframes, Embedded Devices and Servers. 
Our Android phone is also Linux based. 

Linux is most commonly used in servers. Big companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon also use Linux to manage their servers. 

Almost 70 percent of the websites on the Internet are hosted on Linux Server. 

How Linux works?

Linux has a kernel that allows application software to access hardware. 

Kernel retains full authority over the hardware. When a software requires any hardware, it sends its request to the operating system. And with the help of Operating System kernel provides hardware to that application. 

Linux kernel has made many distributions. These distributions are installed in your system.

What is Linux Distribution?

Linux is a Kernel, so you cannot install direct linux in your system. 

Linux OS = Linux Kernel + GNU Utilities

There are many Linux distributions available that you can download and run Linux. 

Popular Linux Distribution?

Here are some popular Linux Distribution.
  • Kali Linux
  • Ubuntu
  • Cent OS
  • Fedora
  • Linux mint
  • Debian

Linux vs Unix vs Windows?


  • Linux Operating system is a free, open source and non propriety Operating System hai. 
  • Linux is an operating system similar to Unix but not Unix or its version. 
  • Linux is distributed under the GNU General Public License. 


  • Unix is ​​a proprietary operating system. 
  • Unix was built by Bell Laboratory me. 
  • Unix is ​​licensed by IBM (AIX), Solaris (Sun OS), HP (HP-UX), Apple (OSX)


  • Windows is a Closed Source Operating System. You cannot find its source code.
  • Windows is built by Microsoft company. 
  • Windows is not free like Linux. To use Windows, you have to pay. 

Linux FAQs

Now you know all about Linux. So it's time to see some FAQs about Linux.

What is Linux? 

Linux is an Open Source and Free Operating System. Which one can use under the GNU General Public License. 

Is Linux Operating System the new version of Unix Operating System?

No Linux is Inspired rather than Unix version. There is a lot of commonality between Linux and Unix. 

Friends, I hope you liked this article on Linux Operating System and you must have known that What is Linux.

If you still have a question about Linux, then you can ask us by commenting.
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