What is Google Questions Hub

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What is Google Questions Hub
Source: Google Questions Hub

What is Google Questions Hub? In this article today, we are going to talk about this topic. What is Google Questions Hub and How to use it? I will give you all the information about this too, so this article is going to be very important for you. You must keep reading this article carefully. If you do not understand any topic or which paragraph, then you can definitely tell us by commenting below.

You have a lot of my brothers who blogging, they run their tight. In such a situation, they will have a lot of trouble when they do not get the articles of daily article. So many of you must have thought that they should take help from Google Question Hub. As you would know that the craze of Hindi blogging is becoming increasingly in Google.

There are many people who have started blogging Hindi, that is, they have started running their website in Hindi . So many questions are asked from Google in Hindi, whose answer is not available yet. 

Google Question Hub helps you in this way and tells you about the questions asked by Google.

What is Google Questions Hub

First of all, let me tell you that What is Google Questions Hub? After that I will also tell you how it works, how you can use this tool.

Google Questions Hub is a tool from Google that tells you about some of the questions asked by Google, about which the content is not available on Google yet. If you are a blogger, you run a website, then Google Question Hub will help you a lot.

Google Question Hub has a simple function. That you have to select your category. When you select your category. So the questions are asked on Google related to that category. Google will tell you that question. When you come to know about these questions. You can write contacts on them. You can write articles that will help people and will rank on your website.

If I tell you its simple definition, then Google Question Hub is one such tool created by Google. Which tells you about such questions being asked from Google, on which article is not available on Google yet. Or say it is not right way. 

How to use Google Questions Hub

Now let me tell you that How to use Google Questions Hub? As you may have come to know what it is but how you can use this tool. It is also very important for you to know this. So let me tell myself step by step.

First of all you have to go to Google, you have to search Google Question Hub, there you will find their official website, first of all you have to go through this website and create a through account of your Google Account.

After doing this work, you have to follow some steps here. Like you have to select your category. You have to tell about your website. If all of you would do this work, then what you say to whom you select, many questions related to that category will come in front of you. Or you will be told on email.

Google Question Hub All the questions you will get from here, using them as a keyword. Have to put in your article. These questions are asked a lot on Google. That is why this tool tells you about these questions.

Friends, in this way, this tool will help you all a lot if you do not get a topic to write articles on your website every day, then you will definitely use this tool. Which will also rank your website as quickly as possible.

Advantages of Google Questions Hub

Friends , I also tell myself about some benefits of Google Question Hub. If you use this flower. So what are the benefits you can get from this, what are the benefits to your website. I will also inform you about this.
  • If you use this tool, from here you will get the idea of ​​unlimited articles on which you can create content for your website.
  • If you write an article on all the questions you will get from here, then traffic will also start coming from Google to your site.
  • All the questions you will get from here, all these questions are searched on Google on a large amount. So if you write an article on these, your side traffic will increase.
  • You will get all the keywords from here. Or say as many as you will get questions. They are all low competition. The competition on them will be less and the traffic will be more. So this will make your website grow faster.
So friends, this is some of the advantages of Google Question Hub, if you use it, it will make your website grow as quickly as possible.


Through this article we all know about What is Google Questions Hub? Along with this we also know about How to use Google Questions Hub? If you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends who need this article. If you still have not understood anything, then you can tell us through the comment below. Thank you very much for reading this article. 
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