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What is github
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Hello friends, welcome to Blogging270, we will tell you today that what is GitHub, if you want to know something new, then you are watching the perfect post, so stay tuned for our complete post today Features of GitHub. That you will definitely like our post.

Features of GitHub Through this post today, we will try to give you complete information. We will tell you about this in very simple language, hope that you will like our today's post what is GitHub?

 Nowadays, many people are showing interest in the Internet, everyone is trying something different and something new or is engaged in learning, in such a way we have many websites on the Internet to learn something and make our work easier. Is GitHub.com which gives us information about Coding.

GitHub is a type of software company. If you are learning Web Development, Software Development, Ethical Hacking, Coding Language or working in this field, then GitHub.com will help you a lot, on this you will get only those people who are Web Development, Software Development, Hacking, Coding or working in GitHub, you can take help from them, take their codes and customize them and use them in your project.

Today we will let you know through this post What Is GitHub?  Will tell about  For this, you have to read this post from the beginning to the end, so do you want to know what is GitHub and what is done in it, so stay tuned to get all the information in our post today.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is an American company formed on 8 February 2008 by Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath and PJ Hayett which is a software industry. It has a wide range of software built in it and has added many developers.

They upload their created codes to GitHub.com from where other developers create their projects using these codes or do their work. GitHub has about 26 Million users added today github.com was initially a type of startup business but after 4 years, Andreessen Horowitz invested $ 100m in this company in July 2012, after that GitHub deposited another $ 250m Venture Capital in July 2015 and it proved to be perfectly right  And today GitHub's annual turnover is $ 140m.

Features of GitHub

GitHub is mostly used for Coding but it gives us some more features about which we are telling you below.

  • With the help of GitHub, we can host a small website.
  •  On GitHub, you can review the codes you have written and get comments on that code.
  •  We also find the Integration Directory on GitHub's website.

Using GitHub, we can reader many types of Readme File Readme File is a type of document in which all the details and features of that software are written.

Advantages of GitHub

If you do Web Development, Software Development, Hacking Coding or want to learn these, then you will get a lot of help from github.com, in this you will find many different types of developers who upload their code on it. You can use it in your project, by customizing that code, it helps us to do our job well and saves our time if you are a developer and you want to help someone, then you can also use your codes or your project. You can upload to github.com so that other developers can use them.

Disadvantages of GitHub

If you are a developer or have knowledge of Coding, then you will know that having error in Bar Coding makes it easy to hack websites, software, applications, if you take the code for your project from github.com Website, once Check it properly and only then use it in your project, although this website is trusted, but we should be careful of ourselves so that we do not suffer any further loss.

GitHub Education Program

GitHub has just launched a program for students, named GitHub Students Developer Pack, with the help of this, students will be able to access many popular development tools and services so that students can take benefit of it and improve their software development skills. Has also entered into partnerships with many companies, whose names are as follows.
Bitnami, Crowdflower, Digitalocean, Dnsimple, Hackhands, Namecheap, Orchestrate, Screenhero, Sendgrid, Stripe, Travis Ci, Unreal Engine.


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