What is Flutter

Sinan Tektaş

Hello Programmers, as you know nowadays the Scope of Mobile Devices has increased a lot and every day new apps are being published on Google Play Store and App Store. 

Right now we have two operating systems for friends mobile. First Android and second iOS . And the number of mobile users is increasing in cost, so if a developer or a company makes an app then it launches it for both Android and iOS. Android Apps are primarily built in JAVA or Kotlin and iOS Apps Swift or Objective C programming language. So if we have to make app for both Android and iOS platforms, then we have to write code twice. Once for Android and once for iOS.

Solution to this problem is Flutter. In Flutter, you can write a bar code and run it on both Android and iOS.

So let's know what Flutter is and how Flutter is used.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is basically a Mobile App Development Framework.
Which has been developed by Google company. It was first introduced in May 2017. Flutter Cross supports plateform. Meaning you can create Android, iOS or Web App by writing a bar code.
Flutter is a mobile app development SDK. Where SDK means Software Development Kit. 

Where Flutter is used?

Flutter is primarily used to make Android and iOS apps. As I told you this is a cross platform framework, so you can create both Android and iOS apps simultaneously with the same codebase. Flutter is also used to create web apps.

How Flutter Works?

Flutter Dart is the framework of programming language. Dart is also a cross plateform language. If you create your app in Flutter, you can compile the same code for both Android and iOS simultaneously.

How to learn Flutter?

Now you know what Flutter is, then this question will be coming in your mind that how to learn Flutter (How to learn Flutter).
So to learn Flutter, first you have to learn Dart Programming Language. If you have previously worked in a programming language, then you can learn Dart very easily. Its Syntax C is similar to JavaScript and java.

Benefits of Flutter?

There are many benefits to using Flutter. Some of them are discussed below.
  • High Productivity: Since Flutter is cross-platform, you can use the same code Codebase for your iOS and Android apps. This can definitely save you both time and resources.
  • Great Performance: Dart Compile in Native Code and there is no need for OEM widgets as Flutter has its own. The apps made in it start fast and their performance is very smooth.
  • Great User Interface: Apps designed in Flutter have a very beautiful and modern user interface.
  • Fast and simple development: One of the most acclaimed features of Flutter is Hot Reload which allows you to quickly see changes in code on emulators, simulators and hardware. In less than a second, the changed code can be reloaded, while there is no need to restart the app. This is great not only for building UIs or adding features, but also for bug fixing. As far as Simple is concerned, Flutter claims in his docs that programming with Flutter is so easy that no prior programming knowledge is required. 
  • Compatibility: Since any widget is part of the app and not the platform, you will experience little or no Compliance issues on different OS platforms. 
  • Open Source: Both Flutter and Dart are open source and free to use.

Some Apps made in Flutter

  1. Google Ads
  2. Alibaba
  3. Reflectly
  4. Birch Finance
  5. Hookle
Friends, hope you liked this post and you must have got the answers to your questions that What is Flutter, How Flutter works, Benifits of Flutter.

But if you still have any questions about Flutter, you can comment and ask me. I will definitely answer your questions.
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