How to do setup Google AMP in WordPress

Sinan Tektaş

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How to do setup Google AMP in WordPress? Do you want to setup Google AMP in your WordPress website? AMP's Full Name is Accelerated Mobile Page. AMP Mobile Device Increases Loading Speed ​​Traffic improves with the loading speed of your website. Which increases Traffic with Users Experience. Now in this article you will read How to do setup Google AMP in WordPress?

How to setup Google AMP?

If you want to increase the loading speed of the website. So you can put AMP for your blog. Which takes article or page more load time. You can apply AMP for that. And Page Loading Fast. Here we have described Setup Process for WordPress User.

How to do setup Google AMP in WordPress

First of all activate by installing the AMP plugin in your WordPress blog.

After activating, click AMP in the Dashboard Menu. Would recommend using the Default setting there.

If you want to change Page, Media, along with Post to AMP Version. So you can enable them.

After activating the AMP Plugin, click Appearance >> AMP  and open the AMP setting . 

After opening, you can set how to show the look in mobile. You can understand the AMP Plugin setting below.

You can change the header background color or header text color in the AMP Plugin setting. You can also use links to change the header background.

You can change the site's logo or icons in the AMP Plugin. If your WordPress theme supports.

After setting all AMPs , click on the " Save & Publish " button in the last .

Now you can see the AMP page of any of your posts. If you want to see single post ka AMP Page, then you can see this -

It has the last "AMP" written in the URL. You can see the AMP page by putting / AMP / in the last of any post . If the site is showing 404 Error   then you go to WordPress  setting >> Permalink and click on Save change. Then your AMP version will start working. Now you can check AMP web page. 

Note: - Remember that you do not have to change anything in Permalink, just click on Save change.

Setup AMP on Search Console 

You can see how your Mobile Device AMP Appearance is working in Google Search Console. You can easily check Google Search Console from Direct here.

You can see AMP page by logging into Google Search Console and going to Search Appearance >> Accelerated Mobile Page.

As mentioned in the image, how can AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) check. If you are not showing anything AMP, then don't worry, you have to index your site.

In this way, Google AMP is used for Web Page (Content Page) Speed ​​Loading of Mobile Device. The Google AMP plugin improves in increasing users experience and better ranking traffic. Now you must have understood. How to setup Google AMP? If you like it, do share. Thank you.

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